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• 12/30/2014

Why is this dead.

As I said, why is this dead? =P
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• 11/14/2014

Who wants to join my wiki?

Here's the link
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• 1/9/2014

Template Help

I can't put an image or link to my BZPower profile in the infobox. Can anyone help?
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• 11/23/2013

Expansion Project - Reasoning and Instructions

Iborw has said that our current project is to re-do the Game pages to make them more concise and more aesthetically pleasing. This is going to be a huge project, so I figured I would put this here so others can do some of it as well.
Basically, we did this for the reasons Iborw discussed above, as well as to help with the expansion of the Wiki. By doing this, we could in the future easily start recording, not only the scenes themselves, but also anything else of interest throughout the game. For example, the Hangman game in Bionicle Mafia VII: Frozen Wastelands. With the current layout we couldn't archive stuff like that, but this project will make it easier for us to save as much of the games as possible.
So, the basics of what we are doing to each game page is as follows:
First, we create subpages for everything that was under a header in the original page except for the Trivia. You create a subpage by listing the pages name (say, Bionicle Mafia 8) and using a slash and a specific name for the information that will be on that page. (For example, the subpage for the roles in Bionicle Mafia 8 would be Bionicle Mafia 8/Roles).
Secondly, after you have created all the subpages (Right now we need for each page: Overview, Rules, Roles, Introduction, Player List) you will use the "tabview" code posted below on the original page in place of everything else. Then you need to link each page like the code tells you to, then the hard part is done!
That is about it really. As well, we have categories for each subpage type, and as well please make a category for that game. (For example, the overview page for Bionicle Mafia 8 would have two categories, Bionicle Mafia 8 and Overview.)
Thanks everyone, and play well!
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• 11/10/2013


I was just wondering why a badge named after me has a picture of Burnmad.
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• 10/24/2013

New Forums

I am pleased to announce we now have a new, improved, and much more efficient forum! This will be taking the place of the old Communication topic, and it should be a great boon for us!
News and Announcements is self-explainitory, really. =P
Questions and Answers will be here for any, well, Q&A. This is where you would ask anything and everything relating to this wiki.
Most of the Discussion should go in General Discussion, just like on BZP, except GD will also be where any planning and project ideas will go. GD will also hold any sort of BZP Mafia related topics, be it random game ideas or anything of the sort.
Fun and Games is really just there because that is where the Mafia resides on BZPower, and I would feel bad leaving it out.
Welcome to the new Forums!
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