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"Nevermore" or Nev is a Mafia player who first joined at the beginning of the Second Age, became addicted, and has hardly left G&T since. He has a strong tendency to be killed on either the first or second night to the point where he has only survived two games. Nev's playing style is Type 3 but he's too lazy to have any strong destabilizing effects on the game.

Role Game Status
Villager Bionicle Mafia: Not Sure Which One Survived
Villager Bionicle Mafia: 2.1: Dark Secrets Killed by Mafia, Night Eight
Villager Mafia III: The Cult Killed by Pyro, Night Two
Villager, Zakaro's Sibling Bionicle Mafia 2.4: What Once Was Killed by Sibling Empathy, Night One
Villager Bionicle Mafia 2.5: The Big City Killed by Militiaman, Night One
Sniper Mafia III-2: The Cult Returns Killed by Pyro and Spy, Night Two
Villager Bionicle Mafia: The Gritty Reboot  Game Closed
Civilian Mafia III-3: Cult Fortress Game Closed
Matoran Bionicle Mafia 23: Red Sea Game Closed
Matoran Bionicle Mafia: The Luroka Coefficients Lynched, Day One
Matoran Bionicle Mafia XXIV: The Big Sleep Killed by Mafia, Night Two
Water Tribe Leader Bionicle Mafia: Five Faction Face Off Killed by Ice Tribe, Night Three
Matoran Bionicle Mafia: The Meaning of Death Survived


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