Welcome to the BZP Mafia WikiEdit

Documenting the history and the lore of the Mafia Community on BZPower since 2013!

Our MissionEdit

To hold any and all information about BZP Mafia games. If you join to edit any pages, we ask that you please edit under your BZP Name. Please check here and here before you start editing as well. Thanks! 

We are currently revamping the wiki, with the aim to make each page as aesthetically pleasing and concise as possible!

Current GamesEdit

Main SeriesEdit

Wɐɟᴉɐ XXΛIII: ┴odsʎʇnɹʌʎpoɯ Edit

  • Hosted by Quisoves Potoo

Side GamesEdit

Bionicle Mafia: The Ghidfather

  • Hosted by Ghidora131

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