Spot Player Role Status
0 Null N/A Lynched Several Times
1 Protalgif Villager Killed by Shadows (Majority)
2 Chro Villager Lynched, Day 2
3 Toarobot18 Pyro Killed by Shadows, Night 1
4 Canis Rahkshi Lynched
5 Punished Snake Villager Killed by Shadows, 
6 Lhikevikk Avsa Alive
7 MaliceGhost Villager Lynched
8 Lloyd: the White Wolf Villager Lynched
9 ShadowVezon1 Villager Killed by Pyro, Night 1
10 Norik of Gielinor Rahkshi Alive
11 Taka Nuvia Villager Killed by Shadows
12 Man of Miracles Turaga Killed by Shadows, 
13 Blade Kraahkan Lynched, Day 3
14 -JL- Villager Killed by Cryo, Night 3
15 Sheogorath Villager Killed by Cryo, Night 2
16 The X Villager Killed by Shadows (Majority)
17 Toa Onarax Villager Killed by Shadows, 
18 Voxumo Healer Killed by Avsa, 
19 Tex Cryo Suicided Night 4
13.1 Unit#phntk#1 Villager Killed by Shadows,
21 Rahkshi Guurahk Villager Killed by Shadows
22 Pulse Traveler with the Rhode Killed by Shadows, Night 2
23 Tyler Durden Villager Killed by Shadows,
24 DerpyStar7 Villager Lynched,
25 Burnmad: Toa of Emoticons Felnas Alive
GM Zakaro Host ???

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