Bionicle Mafia: Southern Retribution

Hosted by





Southern Continent




Village Victory

Preceded By

Bionicle Mafia: The Ruins of Mata-Nui

Succeeded By

Bionicle Mafia: Mirror, Mirror, Split Us All

 Bionicle Mafia: Southern Retribution was a spinoff game hosted by Canis during the Third Age. It was played alongside Bionicle Mafia VIII: The Sound of Darkness and Bionicle Mafia IX: Sentinels of the Darkened Skies, and featured every player in the game having the ability to kill another player.


  • This game revealed that after the Staff of Unlimited Power was split in two, Canis was chosen to merge the two halves of the Staff back together at Mt. Power. Instead, he used the energies of the mountain to empower both halves and left them as such.
  • This game did not feature a Detective or Medic of any kind.
  • The Chattering Corpse Heap was known in this game as the "Really Thirsty Chattering Corpse Heap".

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