Spot Player Role Status
1 XIV. Xion Traitor Alive
2 Constructman Villager Killed Night 5
3 Taka Nuvia Villager Alive
4 II. Xigbar Villager Killed Night 7
5 An Edible Explosion Captain of the Guard Killed Night 4
6 Toxicity Villager Lynched Day 6
7 Nara Mechanic Killed Night 6
8 Toa of Smoooooooooooooooth Jazz B) Villager Lynched Day 2
9 A Skyblasted Zakaro Villager Lynched Day 6
10 Tyler Durden Villager Alive
11 XI. Marluxia Villager Lynched Day 3
12 Nevermore Villager Alive
13 Kal Grochi Villager Killed Night 2
14 Portalfig Traitor Lynched Day 4
15 Angel Bob Villager? Lynched Day 7
16 XIII. Roxas Villager Killed Night 3
17 Zyke the Destroyer Villager Lynched Day 1
18 Valendale Traitor Lynched Day 7
19 DoctorCouch Traitor Lynched Day 5
20 Burnmad: Toa of Emoticons Villager Killed Night 1

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