Toa Kapura was wandering about Spherus Magna reminiscing about Mata Nui. And then, suddenly he saw it.

"The Staff of Ultimate Power. Those others did not deserve it. Under me, there shall be only the peaceful village."

"How boring." said a mysterious voice.

"Who was that?" replied the incredulous Toa Kapura. 

"I am you from another place and time. I chose the power of Shadow. I am Toa K!" 

I, Toa K, then snatched the staff from his hands.

"Unlike you, I shall remain neutral. There shall be war, but I shall not fight. I will ride the edge of the abyss. And I alone. Were you thinking of Mata Nui? Perfect. Farewell."

I then used the power of the staff to take me to a world where the island of Mata Nui still existed under the shadow, where the Toa had never come. I then ripped up the island by its foundations and hurtled it into space. That will be your battleground my players. Enjoy your new roles. Oh, and fair warning. A few roles will be non-random.

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