Makuta: Final say on who to kill

Rahkshi x2: Generic Mafians

Ahkmou: [Secret Role] {A regular Mafian, except that upon death he shows up as innocent}


Takua: Learns the identity of one role each night.

Kapura: Moves slowly to escape the noose - immune to lynching.

Taipu: Negative one vote. Not the brightest Matoran, usually the exact opposite of what he suggests is done.

Kopeke: Silent Kopeke never votes. Vote doesn't count.

Tamaru: If clumsy Tamaru is targeted, he'll accidentally take his attacker down with him.

Macku: If Macku is lynched, the village will also lynch the last player that voted her to avenge her death.

Hafu: Hafu chooses one player to visit each night. He stays and talks about himself so long, they cannot carry out their nightly actions.

Jaller: Wise Jaller's vote counts for double.

Matoro: Wiser Matoro's vote counts for triple.

Hahli: Hahli chooses one player to follow each night. If the Mafia targets that player, she saves them.

Hewkii: Hewkii forces players to work together as a team-building exercise. They know each other's roles. If one dies, both die. If one if Mafia, both are Mafia.

Nuparu: Nuparu invents two Exo-Toa that prevent being killed by Mafians at night. Being very generous, he does not keep one for himself.

Kongu: If there is a tie in the votes, then the village takes Kongu's advice. His vote is executed even it its not part of the tie.

Nixie: Uses the mysterious red star to double the powers of one player each night. If her target has no powers, they get double vote.

Onepu: If Onepu is targeted a loyal and randomly selected Matoran will die in his stead. But only once.

Kotu: Kotu chooses one player to follow each night. If anyone targets that player, Kotu kills them.

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