1x Medic: The Medic may choose one player to protect per night. They can stop any action except an investigation by a Detective.
2x Detective: The Detective may choose any one player to investigate at night. That player's role is revealed to them.
1x Secret Role: It's a secret. Why would I tell you what it does?

  • Black Mask: A Vilgilate, who can select one player to become his appentance, who would become the Black Mask after his death.

10x Villagers: A little smaller of a number than usual, but I don't think you guys will mind.

Anti-Town 4x Mafiosi: The Mafia we know and love. Each night they vote on their target and who will commit the deed. Anyone may PM the decision
to the GM.
2x Secret Roles: Seriously, who here is expecting me to tell you what they do?

  • Dirty Detective
  • Necromancer

Neutral 1x Secret Role: [REDACTED]

  • Gamemaster: