Gathered friends, listen again, to our tale of Sector the Thirty-Fifth.

In the time before--


Wouldn't you rather read a story about a happy little elf? No? Ah well.

Sector the Thirty-Fifth was originally meant to be a safe haven from the Mafia, a secret society of murderers that had ravaged all thirty-four of the sectors before it. (Well, they did leave one alone... but that sector was plagued by a hypnotist that convinced people into blowing themselves up. Long story.) But the villagers made one crucial mistake: they elected Lhikevikk as Mayor. Lhikevikk, who had recently succeeded in hacking into his own brain, had formerly been mayor of Sector the Twenty-Fourth... and we all know about the bloodbath THAT sector ended in. No? We don't? Oh dear. Well, that story is too horrible to tell, so it is now time to learn of Sector the Thirty-Fifth, a tale which is at best, slightly less horrible, at worst--


Are you SURE you don't want to hear that elf story? Still? Okay then, but you were warned!

The exact tale of Sector the Thirty-Fifth is incomplete, as the only historically accurate book of the matter was destroyed in a library fire, and the author was found strangled to death in an explosion. As such, a reconstruction of events will be related. Info is scant and there might be a few discrepancies. Viewer discretion is advised.

Please wait as we complete the following list of Sector the Thirty-Fifth's citizens.

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