Spot Player Role Status
1 Bital Stalker Killed by Mafia, Night ?
2 Nara
3 Omega Blademan Detective Lynched, Day ?
4 Gravitatic Ghost Rider
5 Zyglakky Nihzy Mafian Lynched, Night ?
6 Xaeraz Mafian Killed by Serial Killer, Night ?
7 Snoopy82
8 Malchoir
9 Vezon Nuva-Classic Rocker
10 Luz Cero Head Mafian Lynched, Day ?
11 Toa Nova
12 Roland Deschain
13 The Guardian
14 Toa Dave
15 DexStar
16 Toa Korkoa
18 Killermike
19 Toa Of Dancing
20 Kroku

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