Bionicle Mafia III: By the Numbers
With a Vengeance

Hosted by

iBrow Voltex




Numbers Village




All players dead; no survivors.

Preceded By

Bionicle Mafia II: Electric Boogaloo

Succeeded By

Bionicle Mafia IV: The Rich, The Poor, and The Pyro

Bionicle Mafia III: By the Numbers (also known as Bionicle Mafia With a Vengeance or Bionicle Mafia III: By the Numbers - With a Vengeance) was the third game in the Third Age, and the 43rd overall. It featured players being identified through extensive clues hidden within scenes and each player in the game being designated a random number, forcing more thorough strategies to be used when targetting other players.


  • This is the first Mafia game to require the use of randomly designated numbers to target other players, adding another layer of strategy to the game.
  • This Mafia game has the fastest sign up time ever, clocking in at only just over two hours for all spots to be filled.
  • This game is the fourth Mafia game run by iBrow Voltex to include the roman numeral "III" in the title.
  • This game continued the Curse of the Pyro.
  • This game's corpse pile was referred to as the "Eternally Burning Chattering Corpse Heap".
  • This is also one of an extremely few number of games where there were no survivors, due to everyone dying within the rules of the game.
    • It was the first of iBrow's games to involve all players being dead at the end.