Spot Player Role Status
1 SmoothJazz Shadowed One Poisoned, Round 6; Died Round 7
2 Flaredrick: The Sniper Pridak Killed by Spy, Round 3
3 Wasp Dark Hunter Lynched Round 7
4 Valendale Villager Lynched Round 2
5 MT Zehvor Villager

Lynched Round 6

6 Veigar y Dark Hunter Killed by Barraki, Round 2
7 ZakarOMEGA'D! Spy Alive
8 Kohrak Kal17 Inventor Lynched Round 6


Barraki Killed by Dark Hunters, Round 2
10 Professor Ecketzal Turaga Killed by Dark Hunters, Round 6
11 Blade: #XII. Roxas Barraki Killed by Dark Hunters, Round 1
12 Dovahkiin Villager Lynched Round 5
13 an cool dude Suicidal Hunter Suicide, Round 4
14 Chro Pyro Killed by Suicidal Hunter, Round 4
15 Toa Onarax Necromancer Killed by Dark Hunters, Round 7
16 Taka Nuvia Villager Lynched Round 1
17 Songbird Villager Lynched Round 2
18 Protalgif Detective Killed by Barraki, Round 1
19 Lieutenant Obvious Barraki Lynched Round 1
20 JL v2 Villager Killed by Dark Hunters, Round 5
21 Alterego Dark Hunter Killed by Pyro, Round 3
22 SonicBOOM XS Villager Lynched Round 6
23 ShadowVezon1 Villager Killed by Dark Hunters, Round 3
24 Constructman Medic Lynched Round 3
25 ToaKapura1234 Villager Killed by Barraki, Round 3
26 Dual Matrix Villager

Lynched Round 5ked v

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