Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest Dawn
Darkest Days Trilogy

Hosted by

Portalfig + iBrow Voltex




Desolation of the Staff, Mt. Power




Village Victory

Preceded By

Bionicle Mafia IX: Sentinels of the Darkened Skies

Succeeded By

Bionicle Mafia XI: The Shadow Lords

 Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest Dawn is the tenth entry in the Third Age of BZP Mafia, the third and final game in the Darkest Days Trilogy, and the 50th game overall. It was hosted by Portalfig and IBrow Voltex. It featured an amalgamation of roles from the First AgeSecond Age, and Third Age.


  • With the release of this game, Portalfig and iBrow Voltex simultaneously became the first members to host three games in the Third Age (coincidentally before any other members hosted twice).
    • This game also marked the first time a main series game has been co-hosted in the Third Age, and the first time a game was co-hosted since the First Age.
      • Coincidentally, it was also iBrow Voltex's second time co-hosting a main series game.
    • iBrow Voltex is also the first member to host two main series games back-to-back since the First Age.
  • This game used the exact same numbering in the player list as Bionicle Mafia 35: Chaos, minus the replacing of Spot 20 with Spot 13.1.
  • Upon death, Lhikevikk quoted Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" in each post.
  • The finale was nearly 8000 words long, making it the longest Mafia scene ever.
    • Zakaro was the only player to not appear in the finale at all; it is assumed that he survived alongside Portalfig, Baltarc, Burnmad and Lhikevikk.
  • This is the second largest game on the new forums, with a total of 33 pages.

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