The Roles (Roles old, forgotten, current and new have converged for this fight… some of them more unfortunate than others.)


Matoran x18 – The semi-ordinary members of the group; they can vote in the day for the execution.

Detective Pyro x1 – Thanks to the energy radiation from the Staff of Unlimited Power, the Detective and Pyro were merged together into one Toa – he can either investigate one player each night, or select a player to kill.

Doctor Medic x1 – The Medic managed to avoid reaching the same fate as the Detective; as such, he can still protect one player each round from the Traitors.

Turaga x2 – The old Turaga , who have aged rapidly thanks to the effects of the Desolation, both have a vote that counts for double during the executions. As experienced craftsmen, they can also give one of three inventions to a different player in the game each night.


--Plot Armor (Protection for One Night)

--Plot Weapon (One Kill That Night)

--Plot Crown (Double Vote at Next Lynching)


Mysterious Figure x1 – The leader of the Traitors; he decides who to send each night and who to target. He cannot be lynched until the Ghost and four Traitors are dead, and he cannot be sent to kill until they are dead either.

Plague Doctor x1 – A player hired by the Mysterious Figure and modified into a cyborg medic for the Traitors; each night, they can protect one member of the Anti-Town faction from death. If discovered by the Detective, their targets also become marked for death (added to the suspect list or, if sent that night, suspect list shortened).

Ghost x1 – Like the regular four Traitors, except that he shows up as a Matoran upon death; after death, he may vote via a certain phrase decided upon with the GM at the beginning of the game.

Traitors x4 – Four other Matoran that betrayed the group to join the Mysterious Figure; one is sent each night to do the killing.


Raven x1 – [REDACTED] (Secret Role: Picks a power possessed by one other player of the game each night to copy & use for a round)


--Investigation (From Detective Pyro)

--Protection (From Medic)

--Double Vote (From Turaga)

--Lynch Immunity (From Mysterious Figure)

--One Kill (From Traitors)

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