Bionicle Mafia XI: The Shadow Lords

Hosted by

Burnmad: Toa of Emoticons




New BZ-Koro




In Progress

Preceded By

Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest Dawn

Succeeded By

Bionicle Mafia XII

 Bionicle Mafia XI: The Shadow Lords (fully titled Bionicle Mafia XI: The Shadow Lords: Rise of the Lords of Shadow: RPG/MMO Satire Edition: The Many Deaths of Toa Burnmad) was the eleventh game in the Third Age of Mafia, the 51st game overall, and the pseudo-sequel to the Darkest Days Trilogy. It was hosted by Burnmad, and featured a writing style influenced by stereotypical RPGs.


  • This game has the longest title of the Mafia games when not abbreviated. 
  • It was also the fourth game in a row to reference "darkness" or "shadow" in the title.

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