Bionicle Mafia XIII: Tower of Trepidation

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MT Zehvor








Village / Secret Role Victory

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Bionicle Mafia XII: Dead Sea

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Bionicle Mafia XIV: Money, Dear Boy

Bionicle Mafia XIII: Tower of Trepidation (also known as Bionicle Mafia 13: Tower of Trepidation) was the thirteenth game in the Third Age, and the 53rd overall. It featured players having to ascend through a tower with seven floors, giving all regular players one self-healing power for the game, and assigning each player one of the six main elements to deal with traps.

The game spawned several memorable moments, including sending Voxumo to space, which was later referenced by Voltex and JiMing in other games, and a quintuple joke lynch involving Nolan North, another Mesonak, an effigy of Pupwa21, Alena's Hat, and Captain Olimar from the Pikmin series.

Tower Map/Elements Edit

Each round, the tower map will be updated with which floors are based on which element. There are six elementally themed floors, all corresponding to the six main elements of Bionicle canon. To progress through a floor of an element in a single turn, there must be at least one Matoran alive (or Dark Hunter posing as a Matoran) of that same element. The Matoran, of course, have no idea as to the layout of the tower, save that Mesonak is being held on the top floor. The Dark Hunters, however, know full well what’s ahead. As such, they should plan their kills accordingly.

The Shadowy One’s Lair

6th Floor: Stone

5th Floor: Fire

4th Floor: Ice

3rd Floor: Earth

2nd Floor: Air

1st Floor: Water

Outside the Tower 


  • This game featured the creation of the Mafia Execution Space Program (MESP); the votes on the suspect list descended from 5 to 1 in a perfect countdown, and Voxumo, with the most votes, was launched into space.
  • The game featured three different versions of Mesonak (Toa Mesonak, Mesonak the Player, and a third Mesonak lynched before the first round).
  • This is also one of the largest mafia games ever, ending on a total of 44 pages. The first day of voting didn't end until the 11th page started.
  • After Day 4 the Roles were redistributed, because of a betrayal on the side of the Mafia.
  • This is also one of the only games to almost end with a ballad.

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