Bionicle Mafia XV: Nightmare

Hosted by

Lloyd, the White Wolf






Third Age



Preceded By

Bionicle Mafia XIV: Money, Dear Boy

Succeeded By

Bionicle Mafia XVI: Gallows and Gambits

Bionicle Mafia XV: Nightmare is the fifteenth game in the Third Age and the 65th main game overall. Not much is known about hits game, except that it featured an item system of sorts, and was dripping with theme. Unfortunately, Lloyd could not finish the game past the second scene.


Follow all BZP Rules.

No screenshots. Normally I'm permissive about them, but this time there are certain things I want to keep hidden.

Be polite.

Dead players may not provide useful information. I have no problem with chatting, however.

Each day or night is 48 hours. If a role has not PMed or a vote not cast by then, they will forefeit their action.

Have fun. The penalty for disobeying is death.


As far as we know, this game mostly didn't feature roles in the traditional sense. There were items, though, which are listed here.

Pyromaniac: Kills one person a night and any belongings they have.

Writer: Can see investigate somebody and see if they visited anyone or got visited each night.


Statuette: Found by Pulse, this statue caused for whoever the owned visited that night to die.

Skin-Cloak of the Metamorph: The owner of this item may impersonate one person per night.

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