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One with a Role, Two as a Villager

Canis is a player of games on BZPower.


When Canis has a role other than Villager, he acts as a Type One player. But, when he has the role of Villager (Which is more often than not), he acts as a Type Two player.

Notable ActionsEdit

  • Hosted Bionicle Mafia VI: The Good Pyro, which was the first game to match the Pyro to a specific faction.
  • Hosted Bionicle Mafia: Southern Retribution, which was known for the ability for every player to kill somebody else at least once.
  • In Bionicle Mafia III: By The Numbers, he mentioned how he was feet from an explosion in a scene and didn't die. He recieved a set of plot armor, (Which was copyrighted), which he requarly mentions.

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