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Chro is a Type One player of the Third Age of BZP Mafia. After hearing vague references to the Mafia games, Chro became interested in the concept and decided to join. His first game was Mafia 0.1, in which he was part of the Mafia. Chro was in over his head, knowing basically nothing about how the strategies of Mafiosi worked, and was killed. Since then he has wised up a bit and has a slightly better success rate, though he pertains a penchant for being offed in the first round.

He is notable for his rivalry with Voxumo, and has fallen victim to Voxumo's icepick during the first round many times even outside of Mafia. Chro has also become known as a "dream killer".

Previous rolesEdit

In the first seven games he played, Chro was a Mafioso four times, Pyro once, and Vezon once as well. He was a regular villager three times. Since those first seven games, Chro has stopped keeping track of his own statistics.

Notable actionsEdit

  • Chro is pretty boring and hasn't really done anything notable just yet.
  • However, his left arm is constantly aflame since an incident in Bionicle Mafia IX: Sentinels of the Darkened Skies.
  • In theory, Chro would be fused with JL the Zamboni to create the mysterious Fire-Armed Zamboni.
  • Unfortunately for him, Chro has never won a game, though he has survived to the end as part of the losing party.
  • Chro hosted Bionicle Mafia: Karda Nui Nightwatch. Although the initial concept sounded great on paper, Chro - through his own mistakes and inexperiences actions - made the game (in his own opinion) not as enjoyable as it could've been.