The largest of the three games, this game was located within a city known as "BZP-Koro", and again placed more emphasis on the Team Fortress 2 related roles. The game only lasted until the third round before iBrow became too busy to manage it, and the game suffered a topic death later on.

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Game OverviewEdit

Mafia III-3: Cult Fortress
The Cult Trilogy
Mafia iii-3

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iBrow Voltex






Second / Third


Topic Death

Preceded By

Mafia III-2: The Cult Returns

Succeeded By

Bionicle Mafia: 5.2 Edition

  Mafia III-3: Cult Fortress took place as both a part of the Second Age and the Third Age, and was the final game in the Cult Trilogy. It featured extensive references to the game Team Fortress 2, with each class having a role based upon them in the game. It was played alongside Bionicle Mafia: The Gritty Reboot .