Fortress Town

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Second, Third

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Mafia III: The Cult

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Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest Dawn

 Fortress Town was the name of the town featured in the first two games of the Cult Trilogy and its Mafia III-4: The Four Tribes sequel. It featured a Bakery, a Payload, a Video Game Store, a Jail, the Mayor's House, a Town Square, a Town Hall, and many other buildings. It was also located nearby a large forest and a cliff.


Mafia III: The CultEdit

The town was revealed to have been built upon the site where the ancient Cult of Hapori Dume resided. The game featured the Bakery, the Payload Storage, the Video Game Store, the Jail, the Town Hall, and the nearby Forest as prominent locations. During the game both the Payload Storage and the Video Game Store were destroyed entirely, and the Bakery suffered damage.

Mafia III-2: The Cult ReturnsEdit

Taking place only a few weeks after the previous game, Fortress Town was built from the ground up again. The Payload Storage was again featured heavily, as were the brand new Intelligence Room and Control Point C. It can be assumed that a Control Point A and a Control Point B were also built during the repairs.

Mafia III-4: The Four TribesEdit

This game took place centuries after the others, after the remains of the town had vanished. When the four groups assembled they built a new town on the same spot as they did battle. Eventually much of the town was destroyed by the combatants, and the town square took a large beating during the final battle between Portalfig, Taka Nuvia, Onarax, and the Hooded Figure.

Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest DawnEdit

Fortress Town was one of the many locations to re-appear during the quest through the Desolation of the Staff , appearing on the mountainside of Mt. Power. The mountain erupted, and the survivors fled to the town to escape the lava, securing themselves within a secret vault in the Town Hall (although both Baltarc and Derpystar failed to get there in time and perished). Due to the presence of the Town Hall (and Voltex's intimate knowledge of the building), it can be assumed that this representation was based upon the Fortress Town from Mafia III: The Cult


  • The town is named after the video game Team Fortress 2, as part of the many references to that game prevalent within the Cult Trilogy.
  • Fortress Town is the setting of every single Mafia III game except Mafia III-3: Cult Fortress.

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