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MT is a Mafia player that has no classification. Why? He's MT. 

He used to be a fairly frequent player in the First Age, but disappeared after the dataclysm. He returned with a bang in the Third Age, winning two games, one by himself, in his first three appearances, and hosting Bionicle Mafia 13.

Games HostedEdit

Pretty much every TBTTRAH Mafia title, with one or two exceptions.

BIONICLE MAFIA XIII: Tower of Trepidation



Pfft I can't remember


Requiem of a Dream: Matoran, lynched in first round

Point 4: Secret Role (Messenger), won

Point 5: Mafian, won

Point 6: Raven, took a wrong turn


  • MT is a retired comedy writer, behind the TBTTRAH series. He holds the record for the longest and second longest comedy written on BZPower.
  • MT was responsible for the popularization of powerups during the first age; taking a role's ability and instead giving some or all players the ability in limited amounts. For example, the Kanohi Hau was impelmented in Bionicle Mafia 13, which gave each village aligned role the ability to protect themselves once per game (as opposed to having a medic role)
  • MT and JiMing combined to write the Voxumo Space Odyssey, in which Voxumo was "lynched" by launching him into space in Tower of Trepidation, and later crashed into a lynch scene in JiMing's game, Requiem of the Dead. iBrow later added on to this, in which an ice pick was retrieved from Voxumo's crash site and was later used as a murder weapon.

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