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Makuta Luroka

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Type 2/3

Alternate Names

  • Malignus
  • wierdox
  • Kuan

Not much is known about Luroka's playing style. He has hosted Bionicle Mafia: The Luroka Coefficients, and plans on hosting Bionicle Mafia L. He is the President of MOPE. He created Filler Day, on Dec 21, 2014, in remembrance of Pupwa21. On May 11, 2015, he ascended to become Godhead Makuta Luroka (abbreviated GML), one of the RNGods.


Godhead Makuta Luroka

Roles Edit

Training and ExperimentsEdit

Role Game Status
Detective, Villager Mafia 0.7 Game restarted, Game shut down

Main SeriesEdit

Role Game Status
Tresspasser Bionicle Mafia 12: Dead Sea Lynched, Game Stopped
(Lost to History) Bionicle Mafia XV: Nightmare Lloyd disappeared
Vampire Mafia XVI: Gallows and Gambits Lynched, Converted player was killed
False Turaga Bionicle Mafia XVII: Burnmad's Carnival of Death Everyone died, almost won
Medic Bionicle Mafia XVIII: By the Numbers 2: Die Harder Lynched by incompetent village, Assigned #23
Pro-Town Bionicle Mafia XIX: The Voltex Constant Lynched by incompetent village
Matoran Bionicle Mafia XX: Hail the Mad King Won
None/??? Bionicle Mafia 21: Deaths Can Decieve/Bionicle Mafia XXI: Silence Game closed/To be determined
Misanthropic Linchpin Bionicle Mafia XXII: Karneval Der Toten Killed night one, Mafia won, as was planned
Villager Bionicle Mafia 23: Red Sea Game abandoned by host
??? Bionicle Mafia XXIV: The Big Sleep TBD

Side GamesEdit

Role Game Status
Average Joe Bionicle Mafia: Haunted House of Spooky Spookiness Killed, Possessed Killers were eliminated, but Mesonak was the sole victor
Icarax Bionicle Mafia: Unfinished Business Lynched twice, Unsuccessful attempted conversion to Village, Orchestrated Village Victory
Mafioso/Innocent Mafia: Personality Crisis Killed by Permanent Mafioso, Won
Coolant Monitor/Emerald Shaman Mafia: Damage Control Killed by Opportunistic Killer, Revived, To be Determined
Medic BZP Mafia: Score Attack Game ended
RNG Bionicle Mafia: The Sinful Fifteen Game abandoned

Ninjago MafiaEdit

Role Game Status
??? Ninjago Mafia: Masters of Spacejitsu Unknown
??? Ninjago Mafia: Feudal Kingdoms To be determined

Games HostedEdit

Bionicle Mafia: The Luroka Coefficients


Makuta Luroka has been known by several titles. Examples are found here:

  • Emerald Shaman
  • Coolant Monitor
  • Misanthropic Linchpin
  • Co-President of MOPE
  • President of MOPE
  • RNGod

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