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The Dapper Man (also known as the Dude with a Hat, Liutenant Obvious and a vast multitude of other monikers) is a player from the Third Age. His first game was Bionicle Mafia III: By the Numbers. Usually a Type Three, but, whenever he dies he becomes a Type Two.


Role Game Status
Dark Hunter Bionicle Mafia III: By the Numbers Lynched, Day 2
Turaga Councilman Bionicle Mafia V: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor Alive (?)
Villager Bionicle Mafia 0.3: Live Free or Go Cult

Lynched, Day 3

Dark Healer Bionicle Mafia XI: The Shadow Lords: Rise of the Lords of Shadow

Teamkilled, Night 3

Villager BIONICLE Mafia: Karda Nui Nightwatch


Villager (Both Times) BIONICLE MAFIA 13: Tower of Trepidation Condemned by the Secret Role
Store Owner BIONICLE MAFIA XIV: Money, Dear Boy Killed by Treasurer, Night 6

Notable AchievementsEdit


  • In Bionicle Mafia III: By the Numbers, he was the only player who's public number was the same as their secret number (16).
  • Not once has he been the Detective.
  • Tower of Trepidation saw the emergence of a humorously jingoistic persona of his, called AMERICA.

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